We wish to acknowledge:

  • BBSH graduate Karen Reid of New Zealand who offered us help in our organizational structure and worked diligently with BBSH regarding the logo. She was an inspiration to us when we were just starting and we give many thanks for her willingness to assist us.
  • Founding board members Vincent DeRosa, Sandy Foster, Jill Gannon, Sharon Hartnett & Nijole Ladd for their financial donations and time commitments toward launching the Association to a legal not-for-profit charitable organization.
  • Founding board member, Carol Kulig for her work to bring an initial website on-line. Founding board member Sharon Hartnett, who created the next website, including the first practitioner directory.
  • Former board member Maria Perry, who created the third temporary version of the BHSA website.
  • Former committee member Michelle Grosman, for tracking membership through our database, cleaning it up and working in Membership Administration for over a year.
  • Marcus Sorensen, BBSHE 2011/ASBIW 2015, for his vision, design and technical talent in creating a unified template for Brennan Healing Science Professional Associations worldwide. His patience and tireless efforts to provide customizations to meet our needs is much appreciated.
  • Daphne Jansen and Coenraad Bouma, of the Netherlands BHSPA, for their enthusiasm and cooperation in developing the unified website template and for sharing their content freely.
  • The international BHS Practitioner and Alumni groups for their support and contributions of ideas, content and funding.