How can you make the most of your healing session? If you can put any of these tips into practice, you may enhance your well-being and maximize the benefits of the healing work.

Prior to the Healing

  • Follow your intuition in choosing a healer. You can talk to a few practitioners before making an appointment to determine if you are a “fit”.
  • Allow some time prior to the healing to focus on what it is you want to bring to the session, and what you would like to work on/work with.
  • Setting an intention for the healing helps to align and deepen the process. This could be something like: “I would like to feel my heart/love again”, or “I want to let go of this grief or anger”, or “I want to feel my body” or “I’d like to heal my relationship with my spouse”. If you have difficulty formulating such an intention, stay present with ‘not knowing’ and your healer will help you formulate it. You will receive what is perfect for that particular healing even if you don’t know what that is consciously.
  • Take time to integrate the work after each session. Talk to your healer about anything that has come up after or between sessions.
  • If you have any concerns (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) that you might feel shy/insecure/sensitive/scared about, please feel invited to share them with your healer. Your healer is open to receiving all of who you are and will support you in dealing with what has surfaced.

During the Healing

  • Wear comfortable clothes when receiving a healing.
  • Make sure your phone is switched off and that others will not interrupt so you won’t be disturbed/distracted.
  • Allow yourself to receive; keep an open mind and heart for yourself and your experiences.

Integrating the Healing

  • If possible schedule enough free time after the healing to integrate the work without other commitments.
  • Be in an environment that you love (nature, a favorite place or room) and that supports you.
  • Drink no alcohol (or use any recreational drugs) for at least 24 hours after the healing.
  • Drink enough water (always, but particularly 24-48 hours after the healing. A good rule of thumb is 1 oz. for every 2 pounds of body weight, might vary per person.)
  • Allow yourself extra time for rest and sleep. This may be all that you need to integrate the work.
  • Start journaling/painting/dancing or anything else that allows you to give shape to your experiences.
  • Feel free to call your healer for feedback if you have any unexpected symptoms or experiences after the healing. They may be easily explainable from their perspective and will be able to give you support and advice on what to do.
  • Meditation, if this is your daily practice, can help to integrate the work.


  • Do what you love to do, listen to the wisdom of your body.
  • Be easy with yourself; you are in a process of transition.
  • If you have concerns about your relationship with your healer, please express your concerns to your healer and/or to someone you trust. Read about the Principles of Practice here.

Good water, good food, time in nature and self-love.