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Dr. Barbara Brennan

Welcome to the Brennan Healing Science Association – Serving The USA and International Community.

We are an Association of professional energy healers who have graduated from professional study programs at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. We offer our diverse, professional, holistic and integrative services in support of your path of healing.

The graduates of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing are making a difference in the world and can make a difference in your life. In a quiet way, the success of the graduates’ ripples into the world.

Monthly Meditation

Our April Meditation Will be led by
Elizabeth Menzel
at 7 PM EDT (4 PM PDT)
Sunday, April 14, 2019

“Non-Linear Movement Method® (NLMM) “
A science backed somatic technique combined with the powerful energy of a 2000 year unbroken Kashmiri tantric lineage. By regularly doing this gentle, non-force, moving meditation, Elizabeth completely released 40 years of chronic tension and PTSD symptoms in 8 weeks!


Brennan healers are in an all-embracing pursuit of gratitude and compassion stemming from the embodiment of personal freedom. With a minimum of four years of education the practitioners of Brennan Healing Science have accomplished an in-depth education in Healing Science. This blend of science and spirituality leads to a personal transformation that allows a closer relationship with one’s humanity.

As you explore this website, the results of personal transformation are evident as practitioners and alumni integrate healing science skills and personal transformation to embody the individuated expression of the divine within every aspect of their being. In these pages, discover how the Brennan Healing Science Associates practice the art of healing to help others through their personal transformation. They have strengthened their performance in their chosen professions, and are embodying many new and creative ideas. From this work and our desire to help improve the world, you may find some insights to support your own journey of personal transformation.

You can use the buttons below to learn more about our training, our locations, and how to join us!

  • Filling With Love
    Consider the possibility of filling all those spaces within you where love is absent with your love.
    Dr. Barbara Brennan
  • The Greatest Healing
    Your worst pain is your greatest healing. It brings you to the greatest wisdom within.
    Dr. Barbara Brennan
  • Love is the Ground
    Love exists before the first breath is taken. Love has no boundaries, no borders... love flows through your being freely of its own accord. There is no place in the universe where love is not. Love is the ground of your being.
    Dr. Barbara Brennan
  • Face and Body of the Universe
    Love is the face and body of the Universe. It is the connective tissue of the universe, the stuff of which we are made. Love is the experience of being whole and connected to Universal Divinity.
    Dr. Barbara Brennan
  • Self Healing
    Self-healing means self-transformation.
    Dr. Barbara Brennan
  • Journey of Illness
    Any illness, whether it be psychological or physical, will lead you on a journey of self-exploration and discovery that will completely change your life from the inside out.
    Dr. Barbara Brennan
  • Longing…
    What is your thirst? What is your longing? Whatever it is, it will carry you to what you need to do next.
    Dr. Barbara Brennan
  • Acceptance of Illness
    If we can change our attitude toward illness to one of acceptance and understanding that it is a message to be learned from, we would alleviate a great deal of fear.
    Dr. Barbara Brennan

Find a Practitioner

Discover Brennan Healing Science Practitioners in your area who can support your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Our Training

Review the four-year professional studies program that all Brennan Healing Science Practitioners undergo to gain specialized energy healing skills. BBSH also has advanced programs available for those who choose to teach within the school and/or to offer supervision sessions to graduate practitioners.

Voice of the Graduate

If you are a BBSH graduate, located in North or South America or have graduated from one of the Barbara Brennan Schools of Healing worldwide, we welcome you as a member.

Latest  from our Reflection Blog

March 2019 – By Sandra Foster There has been a situation in my life that has me reacting in sadness and extreme disappointment. I was miserable for over two weeks and even though I knew it was my issue I could not seem to move out of my feeling paralyzed over it, while my mind…

February 2019 By Vincent DeRosa Thoughts I have been working with lately and finding results. As humans we don’t always understand how our thoughts affect each other. Everything we think is a form of energy that passes between us. When you think of someone you are sending energy that carries the emotions or feelings you…

January 2019 By Anne Bachop Last year at this time I spoke about power. My roles were of perceived powerlessness or power and the beliefs I held that powerlessness meant no control, only compliance—and power meant being in control, even manipulating to achieve success. This was the energy I grew up in, and it wasn’t necessarily unhealthy. Belief…

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