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    Graduates of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing have completed studies in personal transformation, energy awareness and High Sense Perception.  They are highly trained energy healers who have learned specialised hands-on healing techniques and skills in professional practice and integrative care. Course work in anatomy and physiology of the human energy consciousness system is available at each year/level of training. This knowledge allows for a common language that facilitates interprofessional teamwork and collaboration with other health care and healing practitioners.

    These techniques and skills cannot be learned from reading Dr Brennan’s books alone.  Graduates also have a high sensory awareness of the connections between mind, body, spirt and emotions. Both the Professional Studies and Advanced Studies programs are intensive journeys of vigorous professional skill learning and personal development.  These programs require dedication and a significant investment, on many levels, from the practitioner. Students are held to a high degree of accountability for their own personal transformation and professional development.

    Norman Sheely M.D., the past president of the American Medical Holistic Association, visisted the campus and wrote that the level of studies at BBSH were as rigorous of some PhD programs he has seen.

    The Professional Studies training takes place over four years with five residential weeks per year on campus, with Distance Learning Activities and Energy Healing Practice between class weeks. The focus is on healing skills and psychospiritual personal development.

    The Advanced Studies training follows on for another two years with five residential weeks per year, with the focus on both practical skills such as multidimensional energy awareness and process facilitation for individuals and groups, and theoretical studies on developmental psychology and psychopathology.

    Campus Locations

    Westin, Florida, USA (2019-2020)

    Oxford, England

    All Practitioners who are members of our Association adhere to the BHS Code of Practice

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    • at Hands of Light Workshop events, where you can get a taste of the skills and approach used at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. For events in the UK and internationally, see the BBSH Events Calendar >

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