1. Major Character Structures and Their Associated Energy Patterns Anne E. Bachop, PhD TheHealingWave.org

2. Body Follows Mind

3. Energy Follows Awareness

4. Working Together Barbara Brennan Wilhelm Reich John Pierrakos Alexander Lowan Jim Cox

5. The Five Character Structure s Our experiences, psychological make-up and habitual patterns often reflect our bodily structure and character.

6. Schizoid Character Structure: The Gift of Universal Connection

7. Schizoid • Trauma often occurring during the birthing process—pre- verbal. • The world is not a safe place to be. • The defense developed is simply to withdraw into someplace “away”. • This characterology has “no right to exist”. • To exist means to die. • Mask: “I’ll reject you before you reject me.” © Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan p. 111

8. • Body is thin, weak, and elongated with right or left imbalances or twisting. • Uncoordinated with weak joints. • Cold hands and feet. • Energy is frozen at the Core. • Higher chakras have more energy, but fragile boundaries. • Often communication is in absolutes and depersonalized. • Characterized as flaky or absent-minded. • Inner, unconscious rage from experiencing the world as hostile and cold.

9. • Highly creative and intuitive. • Deep sense of the purpose of life—very spiritual, but lack of individuation. • Since wounding is pre- verbal, creating a soothing, trusting environment is important. • Don’t connect with bioplasmic streamers, but with harmonic induction. • Remain calm and bring your own energy down. • Ask permission before touching, and gently touch their lower back.

10. ALL ABOUT YOU!  What is YOUR reaction to the Schizoid defense?  Describe how and when you display the Schizoid defense.  What can you do to bring yourself out of a Schizoid defense?

11. Healing response I am safe. I am here. Imagine being held in a warm, loving embrace.

12. Oral Character Structure: The Gift of Nurturance

13. Oral • Trauma often occurring during the oral stage of growth, feeling abandoned. • Afraid to ask for what is really needed—sure you won’t get it. • The defense is to take on more than they can handle and then to collapse in order to get. • “If I ask, it’s not love.” • Spiteful passivity and/or greedy aggression. • Mask: “I don’t need © Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan p. 111

14. • Body is undeveloped with long, thin, flaccid muscles. • Cold, depressed chest and shallow breathing. • Vacuum cleaner eyes. • Energy is undercharged and deflated. • Demands to get energy and support from others. • Often bitter, and never feel like they gets enough. • Communication is soft, demanding, and indirect. • Characterized as co- dependent or addictive personality.

15. • Highly intelligent and caring. • Often has a good command of language and humor. • Since wounding is centered on needs, it is important to have strong boundaries and avoid their manipulation. • Stand at their side, rather than in front, and screen yourself. • Offer encouragement and energetic support without touching them. • Hold strong limits, such as time, but don’t get frustrated.

16. ALL ABOUT YOU!  What is YOUR reaction to the Oral defense?  Describe how and when you display the Oral defense.  What can you do to bring yourself out of a Oral defense?

17. Healing response I am enough. I am fulfilled. Imagine loving yourself and being able to stand on your own two feet.

18. Psychopathic Character Structure: The Gift of Courage

19. Psychopat h • Trauma often occurring in early childhood from manipulation by opposite sex parent. • “If I surrender I will die.” • Their defense is to be demanding and have the power. • This characterology has a need to dominate and control. • Main wound is betrayal. • Mask: “I am right; you are wrong.” © Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan p. 111

20. • Upper half of body seems overinflated with a lack of flow to lower half. • Pelvis is undercharged and cold. • Tension in shoulders and base of skull and eyes. • Energy is hyperactive then collapses. • Functions primarily through mental and will energy. • Will often use hook and grasp. • To win is good; to lose is bad. • Has a hard time trusting anyone; afraid of betrayal.

21. • Powerful leader and warrior. • Has high ideals, inspiring, and capable of multi-tasking. • When they find true surrender, helping others and bringing them to their truth will be their focus. • Be in a “no contest” relationship with them. • Don’t agree with their argument, but support, listen and ground. • No streamers, no eye contact, but soft harmonic induction.

22. ALL ABOUT YOU!  What is YOUR reaction to the Psychopathic defense?  Describe how and when you display the Psychopathic defense.  What can you do to bring yourself out of a Psychopathic defense?

23. Healing response I surrender. I am a perfectly imperfect human being. Imagine yourself being loved for who you are, and not for what you do or don’t do.

24. Masochistic Character Structure: The Gift of Loyalty

25. Masochist • Trauma often occurring about the age of two. • Mother is dominating and controlling. • The defense developed is to hold in feelings and seem to submit. • This characterology feels invaded and resentful. • “If I get angry, I’ll be humiliated. If I don’t, I’ll be humiliated.” © Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan p. 111

26. • Body is heavy and compacted, with energy leaks. • Tense and tight with inability to lose weight. • Energy is hypoactive, but boiling inside and choked in throat area. Boundaries never developed. • Often suffers, whines and complains on the outside while feeling superior inside. • Holds back true feelings, and will provoke you so will have an excuse to explode. • Lack of autonomy leading to feeling more controlled.

27. • Intellect and emotion are integrated. Balanced energy functions. • Big heart, supportive, playful, compassionate, and a natural negotiator. • Highly creative and intricate. • Give them a lot of room and safety to express themselves. • Don’t invade them with streamers or let them invade you—cap over 3rd Chakra. • Remain passive and honor their core essence—stand as equals.

28. ALL ABOUT YOU!  What is YOUR reaction to the Masochistic defense?  Describe how and when you display the Masochistic defense.  What can you do to bring yourself out of a Masochistic defense?

29. Healing response I am free. I am Me. Imagine giving yourself permission to express all of your feelings.

30. Rigid Character Structure: The Gift of Elegance

31. Rigid • Trauma experienced as rejection by opposite sex parent. • To compensate, they must control all feelings. • The defense developed is to become more perfect and controlling. • This characterology acts appropriately rather than authentically. • Manipulative to get © Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan p. 111

32. • Body is rigid and tense, but harmoniously proportioned. • Hyperactive energy and disconnected Core. • Will always be in competition or seductive. • Prideful as an excuse to avoid letting go and looking foolish. • Ambitious and demanding. • Complete focus on keeping their outer world appearance perfect. • In denying the real self, they are also denying their feelings, making it impossible to truly commit.

33. • Capable of leading and inspiring others. • They can take many things on and do them well. • Since they have strong boundaries, you can stand close with streamers. • Feel your own Core Essence, and fill your field with it. Then feel their Essence. • Put your hand on their upper chest and ask them to feel the difference between yours and their Essence.

34. ALL ABOUT YOU!  What is YOUR reaction to the Rigid defense?  Describe how and when you display the Rigid defense.  What can you do to bring yourself out of a Rigid defense?

35. Healing response I am real. I am light. Imagine expressing your feelings on the outside and being authentic.

36. Experience and Defensive Aspects © Light Emerging, Barbara Brennan p. 206

37. Relationships, Needs and Time © Light Emerging, Barbara Brennan p. 206

38. Character Structure and Life Task • Each character structure is a model of a transformation system gone awry. • First we block the energy. • It becomes clogged and slowed down within our energy systems. • We do that by living according to our negative beliefs. • When we release our blocks, we do our personal task. • By clearing away your personal blocks, you pave the way to accomplish your deepest longing. • What is it that you most long to do with your life?

39. Find Your Character Structure • What body type does your body look like? • Proportionately list each character structure that makes up your personality/body self. (eg. 50% Schizoid, 20% Oral, 15% Psychopathic, 5% Masochistic, 10% Rigid.) • What are your personality traits associated with each structure? • What are your physical and energy traits? • How do you relate with other people with your structure?

40. What is your personal task? What is your world task?

“The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.” – Marcel Proust.

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