February 2019 By Vincent DeRosa

Thoughts I have been working with lately and finding results.

As humans we don’t always understand how our thoughts affect each other. Everything we think is a form of energy that passes between us.

When you think of someone you are sending energy that carries the emotions or feelings you are having about that person. When that energy is “sent” it is also “received”. The energy is so subtle the person receiving doesn’t perceive it.

We often think of others with positive or negative feelings, those thoughts are comforting or agitating to the person you are thinking about even if they are not aware of it. And of course, you don’t realize how your thoughts are affecting others.

If you’re having a tough time with someone and you’re tired of the attitude between the two of you keep reading, there is a way of changing the negative energy, a simple trick anyone can try.

First off, this is not about loving your enemy, sending positive feelings to anyone, changing how you feel about them or doing anything for them, and you don’t have to be present with them to do this. The goal is to simply affect the energy between the two of you without doing anything to or for them. It’s all in how we think.

This is how it works. The basics of this is to “clean” the energy flowing between the two of you. A gentle shower that washes the dirt away, or in this case changes the negative energy.

The next time you realize you are thinking with a negative attitude about someone take a breath and pull back your thoughts. Again, you may not realize it, but those thoughts are most likely agitating the other person.

Once you have pulled back your thoughts think of something positive or just let yourself have peaceful feelings, loving feelings are very helpful. Keep in mind you are having the feelings and not sending them to the other person. Once you have established positive feelings “feel” them between you, I like to see it as a cloud. You don’t want to touch the other person with the “cloud” only see it between the two of you, but make sure it is a positive feel. The more you can visualize the cloud the more you should put positive thoughts into it.

What the cloud does, as emotions or feelings pass through it, it is washing or cleaning the negative energy. Not only will it clean the energy going from you, but it also cleans what is coming to you, but it is also changing the vibration.

When you do this have patience, don’t expect an immediate reaction, it takes time to clean the “dirt” out.

The other side of this, you may find it uncomfortable when that person approaches you in a neutral way. Old habits sometimes are hard to let go of and if you are used to a negative interaction between the two of you, you may feel disappointed when that changes.

It is sometimes hard to watch what is going on around our planet. Being upset by what we see is not going to change it.

Bringing up a more positive feeling or cloud may help move the negative energy in a positive direction.

If you know someone that likes to trumpet their sarcastic attitude to the world if enough people offer a peaceful “cloud” toward them that person may shift also.

Some may feel this idea is an odd concept, if you do try it be diligent, true to your thoughts and see what happens.

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