March 2019 – By Sandra Foster

There has been a situation in my life that has me reacting in sadness and extreme disappointment. I was miserable for over two weeks and even though I knew it was my issue I could not seem to move out of my feeling paralyzed over it, while my mind seemed to run crazy over all the details. Then I read some advice on-line that started to clear the skies a bit of my emotional landscape. This writer suggested that the disappointment was a precursor to the Universe going to give me something better then what I had previously assumed was good for me. I was stuck on what I felt the situation should be.

While the ‘something better’ has not yet manifested, I have been able to let go of the feeling paralyzed. My inner emotional landscape is now calm and partly sunny instead of turbulence and thundershowers. I feel ready to make room now for new experiences and see what works, finally feeling like I can trust again.

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